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Communal Wastewater Treatment
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The Toronto Waldorf School

Kortright Centre for Conservation

The Body Shop Canada
Systems Design:
  • Coordinated design of water, wastewater and energy systems to maximize synergetic benefits to financing, residents and to the environment
  • Closed loop wastewater reclamation
  • On-site treatment design
  • Greenhouse systems, wetlands
  • Composting and greywater
  • Agriculture and aquaculture treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Water production, reuse, irrigation
  • Surface water remediation
  • Feasibility, life-cycle costing of efficiency and production options
  • Community energy systems, cogeneration
  • Renewable energy
EcoWerks Technologies Corporation has a Certificate of Authorization with Professional Engineers Ontario.

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Contact: Andrew Hellebust, P.Eng.

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